Welcome to My İstanbul Sex Toys Store

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Welcome to My İstanbul Sex Toys Store
At My İstanbul Sex Shop, we're proud to offer you the best in service.
At My İstanbul Sex Shop, we're proud to offer you the best in service. Browse our huge collection of 3,000+ quality-made sex toys from Vibrators to Dildos. You'll find the one that gives you (and your partner) lip-biting pleasure! Don't know where to start? Click on some of our best collections below to start browsing!


Whether you're solo or with a partner, vibrators are a must-have in the bedroom. If you need something small and discreet to hide from prying eyes, check out our collection of Discreet Vibrators. If you're a couple looking to spice things up, check our our Couples Vibrators. Find your G-spot with our G-Spot Vibrators, or get super intense clitoral stimulation with our Rabbit Vibrators. Browse our huge collection of vibes and find the one that's right for you! Still not sure which one is for you?

Check out our Vibrator Guides to help you find the perfect toy.

Beginners Vibrators

New to vibrators? We've curated the best vibrators for beginners. For most starters - something classic, small and simple suits most people's needs.

The greatest thing about vibrators for beginners is that even once you're experienced, these toys are still awesome to have for a pleasurable time. You never forget your first!

Best Vibrators

Looking for the best vibrator to add to your collection? We've compiled only the top vibrators for you.
Browse all our best vibrators for women, men, couple and more! Ranging from the best clitoral vibrators, bullet vibes, rabbit vibrators and more.

Get one today. Cheap Vibrators

Looking for the best vibrators at the most affordable prices? We've carefully selected the best cheap vibrators that'll give you all the pleasure you need but won't break the bank!

Check out our selection of cheap rabbit vibrators, bullet vibrators, clitoral vibrators and more.  Anal Vibrators
Anal vibrators will definitely provide another stimulating level to your sex life — whether solo or with a lover. And with the variously shaped and sized anal toys available, you will definitely find one or more to meet and exceed your expectations.

While they may look intimidating for the newbies out there, you will quickly release the truly stimulating power that they possess and will rapidly add more to your naughty drawer. Want to learn more? Read our guide on How to Choose an Anal Vibrator. If you still have questions, you can always contact our 24/7 customer service for additional information.

Bullet Vibrators

An essential vibe in every toy collection, the classic bullet vibrator is the epitome of versatility. Sleek, discreet and a complete crowd pleaser, the bullet vibe can be used to stimulate all your sweet spots or complement other sex toys for unrivalled pleasure. These one-of-a-kind vibes are the perfect entry-level sex toy, but are can be enjoyed by both genders, regardless of experience. Want to chat or ask a few questions? Our awesome Customer Experience Team is here and ready to help you find the toy that you deserve! You can also read our Definitive Bullet Vibrator Guide to help you find yours.

Butterfly Vibrators

Flutter your way to a big O with our adorable butterfly vibrators! With our comprehensive range of fluttery vibes, you'll never look at a butterfly the same way again. All of our butterflies are multi-speed to give you just the right amount of pleasure. Butterfly massagers are one of the most sexually arousing toys for sheet clenching bliss! If you have any further questions, or just want to say "Hi!", talk to our one of our friendly Customer Experience Team members. They're here to help and ready to answer any of your questions, 7 days a week!

Classic Vibrators

Classic vibrators are an absolute must-have in every toy box! No matter what your experience level is, classic vibrators are essential toys enjoyed by adults across the board. Ask almost any toy collector, and they will tell you that their first love began with these timeless necessities. New and wilder vibrators are introduced to the market everyday, but these traditional vibrators have withstood the test of time and are here to stay for two primary reasons – they are cost effective and get the job well done! What Are

Classic Vibrators ?

Whether you’re browsing online or in a toy shop that you found on your last road trip, one thing is for certain - you never know what you’re going to see! These days, toys come in every shape, size and color you can imagine. You can even find a plaything that is modeled after your favorite porn star’s special anatomy. Can you just imagine? How to Use

Classic Vibrators

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Even using a classic model now requires a little beforehand knowledge. While it all may seem like a bit of common sense is the only prerequisite, we’ve all seen on the news when someone decided to do something a little “off” with a kitchen utensil or something similar. So first of all, never substitute another item for a sex toy, which has been specifically design for sexual play.

Choosing the Best Classic Vibrators

Now that you know how to care for yourself and your toy, the fun can begin. That’s right - you can browse for hours until you find the classic toy of your dreams!

Classic Rabbit Vibrators - A bunny can bring a hopping good time to every intimate action, as it promotes a special feature that will stimulate the clit. Some rabbits have some extra options, but isn’t there something about, as long as your clit’s happy...?

Classic Bullet Vibrators - Everybody loves the vibe of a shiny bullet, as you can easily place it right on “that spot.” They are discreet toys, are typically pretty quiet and can fit in a purse. Who needs more than that?

Classic Vibrating Butt Plugs - While some might opt for a non-vibrating plug, why not have the best of both worlds? These toys are the epitome of classic anal play!

The only left to remember is that you should always purchase quality products, as they will come with a guarantee and will last much longer than a cheap imitation. Yet, you can also stay within your budget and go with a toy that has withstood the ages.

Enjoy! Clitoral Vibrators

Kick off your steamy solo disco and sheet-clenching bliss with our extensive range of clitoral vibrators! Crammed with a bundle of nerve endings in the erectile tissue, precise stimulation of the clit is the surest way to skyrocket you into galactic orgasms. Specially designed for external massage, clitoral stimulators boast powerful motors and provide intense vibrational buzz so discreet and quiet that you don’t have to worry about anyone eavesdropping on your playtime.

Want to know more? Read our Clitoral Vibrator Buyer's Guide. Clitoral Suction Vibrators
Tease and satisfy your most sensitive area with a clitoral suction vibrator. These sizzling sex toys are super simple to add to your playtime, and they always pack a punch.

This collection of vibrators is designed to give you more freedom with your pleasure; they create a vacuum of intense suction and stimulation that doesn't even make contact with your clit.
You’ll love all the different vibrating functions and multi-speeds variations - these are perfect for personal exploration, but they’re just as naughty during a round of steamy sex!

Give yourself something to moan about with a toy that rubs in all the right places! Couples Vibrators
Just because you aren’t playing solo doesn't mean that you have to stow away all your favorite toys! In fact, adding a toy into the mix is a brilliant way to spice up the intimacy in your love life.

With a little extra buzz, kick up the spice factor with your partner as our cleverly designed couples vibrators massage you both into sheet-clenching bliss! When you buy vibrators for couples online, we ship them fast and discreet and right to your door, every time. If you have any questions about our products, or just want to say hello, give us a shout! Our friendly Customer Experience Team is here to help.

Discreet Vibrators

Discreet vibrators can be split into two broad categories, compact or disguised form, or a hybrid of both. As much as we would like to flaunt our inner wild child, sometimes a little discretion is appreciated. These stealthy vibrators are a necessity in every toy collection for “emergency” situations when you simply need to relax and have some private me-time.

Especially popular among busy working women, these discreet stimulators are perpetually in demand. How to Use Discreet Vibrators

You may be thinking that the obvious answer to this is “discreetly.” However, let’s pump the brakes for just a minute to make sure you’re having the best time with your new plaything, but with a little safety in mind. Where to Buy Discreet
Vibrators ?
You will always want to purchase quality products, because they will last much longer than your typical discount bin toys. And if discretion is key, then it’s definitely worth it to spend a few dollars more for one with a super-quiet motor. Look online at only reputable sites that offer products with warranties or guarantees.

Dual Action Vibrators

At My İstanbul Sex Shop, we stock the most tantalizing dual action vibrators that multiply your satisfaction and help you come twice as hard! Dual action massagers are multitasking wonder toys that offer both vaginal and clitoral stimulation simultaneously, catapulting you to heights of ecstasy. Looking to buy the best dual vibrator online? Browse our extensive collection of arousal powerhouses at My İstanbul Sex Shop today and give your next masturbation session a double dose of intensity!

Egg Vibrators

Reminding us again that good things really do come in small packages, egg vibrators are versatile, discreet and pack a deceptive amount of buzz. Used for stimulating a variety of erogenous zones, including the clitoris, vagina, anus, and breast and nipples, vibrating eggs can be enjoyed solo or together by anyone.

Compact and generally oval in shape, these egg stimulators slip into your pockets and purses as comfortably as they slip into your love tunnels. Easily concealed, egg vibes are the perfect travel buddy to provide on-the-go orgasms. But best of all, they're sleek and lightweight, making it harder for you to ever leave your house without them!

Finger Vibrators

Indulge in some finger licking good time with our finger vibrators! These love bugs are built for endless teasing and titillating foreplay. Whether you're an experienced sex toy user or just getting into the game, finger simulators are essential in every toy collection and always worth the investment. Need some help? Check out our Finger Vibrator Buyer's Guide to help you choose.

Tongue Vibrators

Get the satisfaction of some tantalizing tongue action exactly the way you want it! You’re in control of your climaxes when you add a naughty tongue vibrator to your playtime tonight!

This collection of vibrators is designed with a variety of tongue shapes and sizes, perfect for reaching deep into your naughtiest areas. Enjoy a range of functions including waterproof vibrators, clitoris stimulators, textured surfaces and more.

Playing alone? Try a waterproof tongue vibrator that easily slips onto your finger. Inviting a playmate to join? Try a vibrating tongue cock ring for a longer, stronger, more satisfying finish! These little props are perfect for controlling your session right to a back-bending climax!

Take advantage of their discreet size, and bring them with you wherever you go! Pleasure has never been easier! G-

Spot Vibrators

For women, the best G-spot vibrator will work to massage and stimulate her most erogenous areas, creating strong feelings of arousal and intense orgasms. With the right vibrator, women may find that experiencing a full orgasm becomes much more attainable, and intensely more enjoyable. If you’re considering a G-spot vibrator, our collection is made with hypoallergenic, phthalate-free silicone that is ideal for all skin types. Browse our collection for the stimulator that suits your needs best and be prepared to wow your G-spot over and over! Still have questions? Learn more by reading our Complete Guide to G-Spot Vibrators.

Large Vibrators

Decked with powerful motors, our large vibrators provide extra stimulation and delicious penetrating prowess guaranteed to throw you off the edge. All our jumbo vibrators are equipped with incredible multi-speed functions for you to charge up the intensity of the vibrational buzz as you journey towards eruptive orgasms. These hulking vibrators are thick enough to leave the most experienced and demanding lover dripping wet and wild with desire. Large vibrators at My İstanbul Sex Shop are sure to fan the flames and fulfill your hottest desires.

But before you commit to one of these babies, be warned that they are highly addictive and might spark jealousy in your man!

Luxury Vibrators

It's time to lay in opulence with luxury vibrators that will spoil you rotten!  When was the last time you really treated yourself? Isn't it time that your body got the special treatment it deserved? The average toy simply won’t do! Whether you’re buying for yourself or a fellow playmate, a toy of quality is worth the investment. These products are built to last, so take pleasure in knowing you’ve made an investment that will please you again and again at the highest standards possible. Have any questions? Take a look at our Luxury Vibrator Guide.

Magic Wand Vibrators

With our extensive range of magic wand vibrators, anyone can experience explosive orgasmic pleasure with the simple slide of a finger. Here at My İstanbul Sex Shop, we stock an impressive selection of these powerful machines that promise non-stop orgasms to even the most advanced toy users. With our fast, discreet shipping and friendly customer service, there's no reason not to! Still have questions? Learn How to Choose the Best Magic Wand Vibrator.

Powerful Vibrators

Seeking an upgrade for your toy collection and unsure of where to buy a super powerful vibrator? Look no further! Stocked with all the gold standards of available vibrators, My İstanbul Sex Shop has you covered. We know that there's nothing more frustrating than investing in a vibrator that doesn’t get you there.

So our team of professional testers has taken it upon themselves to curate and consolidate the most powerful vibrators for your exacting pleasure. Order today and we'll have your mighty massager delivered straight to your doorstep in no time! Want to learn more? Read our Powerful Vibrator Guide to get the scoop.

Quiet Vibrators

There is something seductively sensual about quiet vibrators that deliver electrifying titillations as quiet as a mouse. There are no vibrators that are completely silent, but if you need the extra discretion, we have an extensive range of extra quiet vibrators engineered with quieter motors, or materials that muffle the rattling noise from batteries. Pick one up today, and your stealthy playmates will be there to catapult you to stratospheric sexual ecstasy with perfect secrecy and discretion.

Still not sure which one is right for you? Read our Quiet Vibrator Guide to help you choose the one! If you still have questions, you can always contact our 24/7 customer service for additional information. Rabbit Vibrators
Rabbit vibrators are sex toys no girl should be without. Get all your juices flowing as the nubby ears hit 15,000 of your clit’s nerve endings.

Tumble down the rabbit hole and into wonderland with our fantastic rabbit vibrators! One of the most innovative sex toys to date, rabbit vibes have gained extra female fandom following an episode of Sex and the City, where Samantha became addicted to her buzzing bunny! Ever since, women around the world have made rabbit stimulators a staple in their toy collection. If you are still wondering what the buzz is all about, bring one of our mischievous rabbits home for a sheet-clenching good time! Want to learn more? Read our Definitive Guide to Rabbit

Vibrators. Realistic Vibrators

Realistic vibrators are anatomically accurate vibrating dongs that are designed to deliver the likeness of a real penis, outfitted with pronounced veins, a rounded head and a soft scrotum. We offer a broad spectrum of realistic vibrators that mimic the seductive appearance and electrifying sensations of a real penis, giving you a true-to-life experience and fanning the flames of your hottest desires! Order today and your lifelike vibe will be in your bedroom in no time, taking you to new heights of pleasure anywhere and anytime you want.

Rechargeable Vibrators

Making the switch to a rechargeable vibrator is probably a decision you wished you had made much earlier! Ever had your batteries run low mid-orgasm, followed by a depressing drop in vibrational intensity, killing your libido prematurely? We know how frustrating such mood killers can be. Moving from your comfortable spot and scrambling for new batteries can totally ruin the fun. With a rechargeable vibrator you'll never have that problem ever again! It's never too late to ditch those fading battery problems and hunt for a reliable sex toy at My İstanbul Sex Shop. Order one today and charge it up for your next big bang experience!

Remote Control Vibrators

With remote control vibrators or app-controlled vibes, you can now let your partner get up close and personal regardless of how near or far away you are. The most enticing perks of remote vibrators are wearability, hands-free fun, and no more numb fingers. These hands-free stimulators allow you to forget the task of holding them in place and focus wholly on your journey towards explosive orgasms. Pass the remote control to your partner and spice up your entire experience with an element of surprise! Select the one for you from our fantastic selection of award-winning remote vibes and look forward to your next kinky trip down to the supermarket with your partner! Looking for more advice? Read our Remote Control Vibrator Guide.

Thrusting Vibrators

There’s nothing quite like a vibrator that does it all—and a thrusting vibrator definitely takes care of business. Enjoy a mind-blowing evening of personal pleasure with a toy that takes your satisfaction to a whole new level!

Thrusting vibrators come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. The one thing that sets them apart from the rest is their ability to introduce a thrusting motion all on their own! Talk about hands-free pleasure.

Control the thrusting speed and intensity with controls that are simple to use and easy to reach. Depending on the thrusting vibrator you choose, your naughty toy might also come with tickling rabbit ears, different vibration speeds and more.

Use one on your own, or give a playmate all of the control. With a thrusting vibrator, you’re sure to reach all of your most pleasurable areas with ease!

Vibrator Kits

While it’s not written in stone, it’s safe to say most toys are even more fun when you add a vibrator to it. Experiment with vibrators by investing in a vibrator kit. You can get a whole set of toys to keep you occupied, and you may find you’ve quickly become a power addict. Get a kit that has a wide range of toys and discover what really gets you going.

Waterproof Vibrators

Waterproof vibrators are the perfect solution for men and women who like to be adventurous with their pleasure. For an added element of fun, be sure to use a quality lubricant for the perfect glide every time. You’ll love the extra wetness that’s sure to take you to a toe-curling finish every time! It’s time to get wet- get your tantalizing water toy today! Suction

Cup Vibrators

Suction cup vibrators are perfect when you want some hands-free pleasure. These are typically best enjoyed in the shower or on any flat surface so you can have some action away from the bed!
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