İstanbul Sex Toys

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İstanbul Sex Toys
İstanbul Sex Toys Friends with Benefits Our double dildos are a dual delight!
İstanbul Sex Toys All of these Dildos are designed to be much more than just erotic shapes. These are the leading dildo designs in our industry with amazing materials and fabulous configurations. When you use these adult toys, you’ll understand that there’s a special orgasmic feature in each toy for g-spot, clitoral, or anal pleasure.

More Naughty, Less NonsenseOur classic dildos never miss the mark

The beauty of these classic sex toys is that they are designed to be used for both anal and vaginal stimulation. The shapes are stunning and many have ergonomic designs and exciting materials for ease of handling and a perfect fit!

Double Dildos

Friends with BenefitsOur double dildos are a dual delight!

These soft, flexible dildos are very versatile! Yes, these wiggly little wonders are sex toys that can fit anywhere, go anywhere and will always feel good. These awesome double dildos can be used for anal sex and internal stimulation, at the same time - whatever your pleasure there is sure to be a flexible friend just right for you.

Many of these naughty adult goodies are designed with pleasurable ridges, bumps and ripples to enhance sensations. Be sure to take a look at our entire range of fabulous dildos including those which are more realistic looking, harness compatible versions and even some beautiful glass shapes.


Hands-free Happiness Strap-on fun for gender bending bliss


These strap-on harness compatible dildos are incredibly special for the adventurous lovers who like to try something new. Specifically designed for harnesses, these strap-on dildos are one of the most thrilling adult toys you can find. Enjoy the pleasures of penetration with these alluring shapes! A harness straps a dildo onto your body so you can penetrate your partner, hands-free. A harness & dildo can provide amazing pleasure to both sexes.

Many women are now using the harness and strap-on sex toys with their male partners and are giving them the pleasure of prostate massage. Now men can combat erectile dysfunction issues by using a harness to satisfy their partner.

Realistic Dildos

Authentic ActionOur realistic dildos resemble the real deal

If you're looking for a life-like dildo - just like the real thing - then this is the right place. Our incredibly realistic penis-style dildos are here! Realistic dildos can enhance all of your wildest fantasies. Feeling all those deliciously real details - the full head and the veined shaft - can do wonders for the senses! These real to life dildos are designed to match the shape and size of real penis'. Certain sex toys are even modeled on real life porn stars own members.

The intricate designs can sometimes feature real to the touch materials and all the throbbing features associated with a real life penis.

Glass Dildos

Smooth OperatorsOur glass dildos are sleek & satisfying


These glass dildos can be cooled or heated for very interesting new sexual sensations. These amazing sex toys have beautiful, smooth forms that can push deep into the lucky user. Our adult toys are handcrafted with top quality glass, which comes in clear or a mixture of different colors swirled together.

Glass dildos are made from specially toughened glass so they won’t break, they are long lasting, and they won’t degrade like other materials do. Your glass dildo will be your best friend for life! Take a look at the phenomenal range of glass toys from Simply Blown - simply breath-taking! While most traditional dildos and vibrators are very obviously sex toys, these glass beauties can easily be mistaken for a small sculpture or work of art. Just add lubricant and it's heaven from there!

Anal Toys

How Daring is Your Derrière? Find anal toys for every adventure


Enjoying great sex while using anal toys is more popular than you’d *ever* imagine, and we’re not surprised! It’s adventurous and adds more excitement during sex or foreplay. That's why we carry a stunning range of anal toys to satisfy your every desire, from anal beads, plugs and probes. Yay – It's time to find something that your body will love!

Anal Beads

Bum Beginner or Pleasure Pro? Anal beads for every occasion


Feel naughty! Yep, our anal beads are sure to add big excitement to your sex life, and they're perfect for both men and women - from big beads to small - so you can experiment with some really sexy stimulation. Our designer anal bead range offers a full variety - We have every shape and style for you, from stainless steel to silicone - so you can find the perfect beads for your body!

Anal Probes

Explore Your P-spot Potential... With our potent anal probes


Anal Probes are not just for aliens! Add some adventure to your bedroom and let your partner discover new anal pleasures. Our range of anal sex probes cover the entire spectrum of materials and shapes. From stainless steel to silicone probes, we have every texture and shape that your erotic probing may desire!

Anal Plugs

Pure Plug PerfectionOur anal plugs come in every shape & size for serious satisfaction


Anal plugs are loved because they can be comfortably worn (even during sex) to create a feeling of fullness. They're more popular than you think! Our beautiful selection of butt plugs come in a brilliant array of multiple widths, lengths, shapes and materials perfect for the beginner or advanced user.

Anal Vibrators

Bottoms Up! Our anal plugs come in every shape & size for serious satisfaction!

A great anal gadget is the inflatable vibrator which allows you to adjust the size to suit you and increase pleasure as you go along. If you're really into vibrating toys for your bum (or clitoral & vaginal pleasure), you need to look at a brand called Mystim.

They offer "electro-sex stimulation" products that simulate vibration through electrical impulses. So, while it's not actually a vibration it feels like it's thundering right through your body. These products are wonderful but they're for serious players! Rocks Off and Nexus has a great range of male G-Spot massagers, while Tantus has sneaky little prostate massager that is great for him and her.

For Couples

Fun For Both! Better-sex goodies designedespecially for couples!

The Tantus Feeldoe is the original patented strapless strap-on. It uses your pelvic muscles to stay in place, so there’s no need to fuss with straps and harnesses. The bulb end gives fantastic g-spot stimulation, while the shaft stands at a natural angle for great penetrative partner play. Perfect for role-reversal that is fulfilling for both of you! The powerful bullet adds extra sensation to really take it to the next level.

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Vajina Yalamak İçin En İyi 10 İpucu
Vajina Yalamak İçin En İyi 10 İpucu, Partnerinizi sözlü olarak şımartmak ve onu ağzınızla tatmin etmek istiyor musunuz? O zaman cunnilingus hayranlarından gelen aşağıdaki ipuçları kesinlikle işe yarayacak.
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