Adult Products Sex Toys

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Adult Products Sex Toys
Forbidden Toys online adult store offers a tailored range of adult products and sex toys for him and her.
adult sex toys Explore our adult toys and accessories, designed to heighten pleasure for all who seek it. Create breath-taking moments with condoms for every escapade. From stimulating, ribbed condoms to ultra-thin designs for enhanced intimacy, we've got you covered. A staple in any bedside drawer, lubricants are a must-have for your smoothest sex yet.

Sexual lube products from brands like Durex and Sylk help you reach new levels of pleasure. Pick up a water-based lubricant, why not try a flavoured option designed to really hit the spot.

Rabbit Vibrators

Buy rabbit vibrators at up to 75% off RRP! The rabbit vibrator is the king of sex toys. Made famous by Sex and the City for being the sex toy no girl should be without. Rabbit vibrators give simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation for hair raising, intense orgasms. Whether you are looking for a Jessica rabbit vibrator or a LELO rabbit vibrator with dual action, you will be sure to receive an amazing sexual experience. All our rabbit vibrators come with 100% free, discreet delivery, packaging and billing.

Realistic Vibrators

Realistic vibrators look and feel like the real thing with the added benefit that you can turn them off! For those that like a realistic look and feel to their vibrator, these monsters come in all kinds textures, shapes and sizes. From cyberskin shafts, smooth waterproof silicone to multi-speed jelly shafts, all come with 100% free, discreet delivery, packaging and billing.

Remote Control Vibrators

These vibrators allow you the ultimate control.... remotely. Great fun for couples or those who want their lover to supervise their erogenous fun. Remote control vibrators are a great way of letting your partner control your gratification, or perfect for a bit of hands free fun. At we have a huge range of remote control eggs, vibes, and bullets all with multi-speed settings and innovative pulse control.

Clitoral Vibrators

Clitoral vibrators, for those that love the intense feeling of clitoral stimulation or instant gratification on the go. Shiver with pleasure with one of our range of clitoral rabbits, from leading brands such as LELO, Doc Johnson, Swan, Odeco and Rocks Off. Our teasers, clips and vibrators provide warm and sensuous stimulation to the clitoris and come with 100% free and discreet delivery.

Jelly Vibrators

Jelly vibrators provide a smooth and erotic experience for exciting stimulation and penetration. Soft and sumptuous, jelly vibrators are great value and a credit to your sex toy collection. We have vibrators for every size, colour, shape and budget from popular brands such as Doc Johnson & Loving Joy. We always guarantee the lowest prices at with 100% free delivery.

G Spot Vibrators

Have you found your G Spot yet? If not, then we have all sorts of toys to help you find yours. These vibrators come with an angled tip, perfect for precision probing and G Spot explorations and massage. All our G Spot Vibrators come with 100% free, discreet delivery, packaging and billing.

Vibrator Kits

Vibrator kits bring variety to your sex life. Everything in is included in the one box for an entertaining evening. More than just a vibrator, you’re sure to get your kicks! Order today and receive your vibrator in discreet packaging including 100% free delivery. We guarantee the lowest prices at

Designer Vibes

If you like the finer things in life then discover our designer vibrators. All these vibrators made to the highest specification and precision. Not only do they look beautiful, but they are mechanically superior too. We send all items in discreet packaging with 100% free delivery. We always guarantee the lowest prices at

Vibrating Eggs

Vibrating eggs are great for internal or external stimulation. Choose from a wide range of vibrating egg shapes, sizes, wireless or even remote control. Love eggs are versatile sex toys, for use in nipple, clitoral, vaginal and anal sex. They can be inserted vaginally, used hands free or operated to stimulate erogenous zones with delicate teasing and massage. We have a huge range of love eggs with something for every taste. We send all items in discreet packaging and offer 100% free delivery.

Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators at up to 75% off RRP! The bullet vibrator is designed to really blow you away! From the powerful Ammunition Love Bullet to ones that can be activated by your mobile phone; bullets have never been so innovative. We have vibrators for every size, colour, shape and budget. All our bullet vibrators come with 100% free, discreet delivery, packaging and billing.

Strap On Vibrators

Our extensive range of strap on dildos, vibrators and harnesses cater to for various liaisons, whether lesbian, female to male or fetish role play. Strap-ons and harnesses can be used for oral, anal, or vaginal sex to stimulate the g-spot or prostate. Why not try the Strap On Beginner Kit, or the amazing Feeldoe Strapless Strap-On. With ranges including Doc Johnson Vac U Lock, Sportsheets Sedeux and the exquisite, medical grade silicone crafting of Tantus Inc, you will certainly be spoilt for choice!

Couples Vibes

These vibrators have been crafted with couple's in mind. Discover the latest couples sex toys, all at the cheapest prices including the popular We Vibes, LELO Noa and vibrating tongues, all with 100% free delivery and discretion assured.

Finger Vibes

If you are looking for something discrete, easy to use and instant pleasure at your fingertips - look no further! Our finger vibes range includes brands such as LELO, Loving Joy and PicoBong. Finger vibrators are great for precision probing. Turn your finger into a buzzy vibrator and tempt and tease your erogenous zones. We offer vibrators from every colour, size, shape and budget and send all items in discreet packaging and offer 100% free delivery. Lowest prices are always guaranteed at

Classic Vibrators

Classic vibrators are great for those who crave simplicity. If all singing and dancing vibrators are not for you then we have a cool collection of the classic kind. Popular products include the Lady Finger, and the Discretion Vibe all the way up to the high end LELO Elsie. All our vibrators come with 100% free, discreet delivery, packaging and billing.

Glass & Metal Vibrators

Experience the sleek glide of a glass vibrator from We have a huge range of vibrators from Doc Johnson, Metal Worx and Icicles all made from high quality glass, chrome and aluminium. 100% free discreet delivery with the lowest price guaranteed.

Non Phallic Dildos

If you want a dildo that's a bit unusual and avant-garde in shape, then try one of our non phallic dildos. We've got many shapes, sizes and materials to give your erogenous zones an exhilarating ride. Use alone or team these bad boys up with a harness. We have a huge range of dildos in-stock, with something for every pleasure. Always low prices at with 100% free discreet delivery.

Large Dildos

Large dildos are for those who like to try something BIG! Try one of our huge dildos and discover some new amazing sexual experiences. We have a huge range of massive dildos in-stock, that will leave you feeling completely gratified and totally satisfied. From 12 inchers from Doc Johnson to Gelee Jelly Dongs, check out for the lowest prices possible.

Realistic Dildos

Looking for the real thing, but without the hassle? Try one of our realistic look and feel dildos for super sensations from Doc Johnson, Tantus and BASIX. We have a huge range of dildos in-stock, from the beautifully modeled Average Joe selection, based on professions mechanic, professor, fitness instructor and lawyer, or feel the force of a Glow In The Dark dildo. All our dildos come with 100% free, discreet delivery, packaging and billing.

Double Enders

Double-ended dildos can be used alone or with a partner for vaginal, oral and anal satisfaction. These dildos and dongs are twice as nice and double the pleasure! We have a huge range of dildos in-stock, for every sexual experience under the sun!

Glass Dildos

Glass dildos are not only create sensational super smooth sensations but are beautiful pieces of art. Heat them up or cool them down for some amazing experiences in erotic pleasure. We have a huge range of glass, crystal, chrome from Doc Johnson, Icicles & Key Collection.

Strap On Dildos

Our extensive range of strap on dildos cater to various liaisons, whether lesbian, female to male or fetish role play. Why not try the strap on beginner kit, or the amazing Feeldoe strapless strap-on. With ranges including the Doc Johnson Vac u Lock, Sportsheets Sedeux and The Exquisite, you will certainly be spoilt for choice! We have strap-ons, dildos and harnesses to suit every size and every shape.

Anal Dildos

Anal dildos offer something for everyone, with a huge range of butt plugs, anal beads, lube and dildos, there's sure to be something here for every pleasure imaginable. Our anal toys offer the very best in both fun and safe sexual experiences.

Sex Dolls

Choose a sex or love doll to turn your dreams into reality! From porn star dolls, including Jenna Jameson, Carmen Luvana and Belladonna to transsexual or french maid love dolls, each come with realistic orifices for anal, vaginal or oral play. We've got a huge range of male and female sex dolls, great for straight or gay sex play - perfect for a stag night out... even better for a quiet night in!

Male Masturbators

At we stock every male masturbator toy imaginable, from Monkey Spankers to the REV1000 from Strokers to Male Vibrators. Our sex aids are a great way to spice up your solo action or offer quick, clean and instant relief. Check out our vast range of male masturbators from leading brands Fleshlight™ and Tenga, including products like the Pocket Pals and the Robo Suck.. we've got every inch covered.

Anime Dolls

For fans of Japanese manga we have a superb range of anime dolls - ideal for turning fantasy into reality! We have a vast range of both anime masturbators and love dolls, which all come with voluptuous curves and realistic breasts.


Fleshlight™ is the number 1 selling male sex toy in the world, and it feels just like the real thing. There are now over two million men worldwide enjoying the patented Reel Feel Superskin™ inner texture of Fleshlights. Some men say it's even better than the real thing! All our Fleshlight products come with 100% free, discreet delivery, packaging and billing.


Tenga is a range of Japanese male masturbators designed to entice excite and delight you. Tenga products are Japan's best selling sex toys for men and becoming increasingly popular around the world. All our Tenga products come with 100% free packaging and billing as well as a totally discreet delivery service.

Prostate Massage

If you want to experience amazing orgasms and keep your prostate gland healthy try our prostate massagers. Our massagers and probes have been specially designed to reach and stimulate your prostate for mind-blowing orgasms.

Penis Enlargers

Want to add some extra length to your penis? Our enlargers are designed to give your penis the length you've longed for. These comfortable penis enlargers can add extra inches to your manhood, which will add extra pleasure to your love making. They come in different shapes and sizes and are specifically designed to increase pleasure for your partner. Check out our huge range of male sex toys with free UK delivery and the lowest prices guaranteed.

Porn Star Vaginas

Molded and sculpted from the real thing, these Cyberskin porn star vaginas are anatomically correct down to the smallest detail. Ever wanted to make love to Jenna Jameson, Belladonna or Brianna Banks? Well now you can explore your hottest and horniest fantasies with one of original porn star vaginas.

Realistic Vaginas

These realistic vaginas are fantastic if you are looking for a totally authentic, uncanny resemblance to a real life vagina. The cyberskin looks and feels just like real skin, the weight completely realistic, you could almost believe it's the real thing! Although they may seem a little expensive, the sensations they provide mean they are absolutely worth the money, but don't just take our word for it, read some of our reviews from our satisfied customers.

Penis Sleeves

Penis sleeves are stimulating sheaths that slip over your member for sizzling foreplay or sensational self love. Some are ribbed, others have bumpy nodules and ridges. Simply add water based lube and revel in the super sensations they bring.

Cock Rings

Give yourself and your partner the pleasure they deserve with a cock ring. These fit around the base of the penis and vibrate your partner's clitoris or anus for maximum satisfaction. All come in a range of shapes, sizes, materials and colours for different feelings and sensations. Popular products include glow in the dark sets, adjustable, magnetic, remote control or vibrating cock rings.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps work as a male masturbator or cock enlarger with constant long term use. Pumps can also help those that suffer with impotence to gradually recover erectile function. Discover the very best men's penis pumps from Doc Johnson, Mojo, Pump Worx and Adonis, all at the lowest price guaranteed.

Penis Extensions

Want to add a little bit more girth or length to your old chap? These bad boys will grant you the extra width or size you are looking for. Our penis extenders can extend your manhood by inches, giving you the self confidence you need and your partner the extra pleasure they deserve.

Sexual Positioning

Get into the swing of things with our kinky range of sex furniture. We have a large choice of sex swings, sybians and seats to make love making more exhilarating. Choose from brands such as Fetish Fantasy and Doc Johnson, making amazing positions easy you'll love to experiment with the like of the Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing, Position Ramp and the Doc Johnson Madame Butterfly. Our range of versatile sex furniture and accessories will open you up to a whole new world of sexual possibilities, great for getting the leverage you want without pulling a hernia!

Bathtime Fun

The Bathtime Buddy range of sex toys is perfect for fun in the water. Each is fully waterproof and has a hang tie to store in the bathroom. Get down and dirty with some good clean fun from


Massagers and wands offer total erogenous stimulation or direct clitoral stimulation. Our massagers have multi-speed vibration and flexible heads that allows you to move the toy with your body. We stock popular products including mini massage wands and contour vibes, from leading brands; LELO, Amour, Fairy, Berman and Doc Johnson.


Increase intimacy or treat your partner to a special massage with some of our aromatic oils, candles and creams. Put on some some soothing music, light a scented massage candle, and have an evening of pure, unadulterated bliss. We have pheromone infused massage creams in musk, amber, pomegranate, watermelon and edible massage oils. Check out some of our leading brands including; Amour, Earthly Body, Hearts Desire, Alise, LELO and Odeco.

Couples Cock Rings

Cock rings for couples are a great way to add spice to your relationship. The ring will give you a bigger and longer lasting erection while the vibrator tickles her clitoris with every powerful thrust.

Books And DVDs

With BDSM and sexual role-play now entering the mainstream with the 50 Shades of Grey series, erotic fiction has never been so fashionable and socially acceptable. If you fancy your man putting on a Christian Grey performance or simply wish to polish up your own sexy bedroom antics with a sex instructional book or DVD, we've got a large choice of erotic literature and videos to make love making both exciting and interesting.

Aromas Sex

Adult Aromas are fantastic for clubbing and parties and will keep you buzzing and banging into the small hours. Our Amyl Nitrite aromas are some of the most powerful adult aromas on the market; including liquid gold, TNT and purple haze. Try experiencing an orgasm while inhaling an aromas for an amazing, mind blowing sensation.


Discover how versatile real water based lubes and water based lubricant is. Use it with any toy and re-activate with water when it gets dry.


At we have a full range of batteries at discounted prices for all you sex toys needs! Give your toy more get go than the Duracell bunny!


Buy top brand condoms from Safex, Pasante and Trojan at upto 75% off rrp. Designed for every shape, size and need. Free delivery all condoms at


Keep sex as it should be - All good clean fun, with our sex toys cleaners and anal douches. Make sure your mind is the only thing that's dirty - with our huge range of hygiene creams, cleansing wipes, enema kits and lube tubes.

Sexual Enhancers

Check out these gels, aromas, oils and drops that will enhance your sex life and push it to the max. Including some great products such as spanish fly drops, oriental oils, prolong spray, tightening gel for women and g-spot and clitoral stimulating gel.

Sex Games

These sexy board games are a fantastic way to spend a night in with a group or as a couple. Will you dare your partner into exotic positions with Private Pleasure or explore sexual fantasies with the Sexual Nirvana Game? If you like dressing up then the Sexual Roleplay is for you, or if you want outrageous humor then choose a cheeky game of Monogamy. From massage games to board games for couples or groups, with these sexy games everyone's a winner!

Sweet Treats

Sweets that Willy Wonka himself would be proud of! Great fun for couples, party pieces or a saucy leaving gifts for colleagues, these delicious and delectable treats come in a variety of textures, tastes and flavours. From jelly boobs to penis pasta, from candy posing pouches to banana body butter, from clone-a-willy moulding kits to mint nipples, we've got every sexy sweet treat under the sun!

Hen Night

Give your bride to be a send off she will never forget with our huge range of hen night accessories, gifts and party presents. If it's a hen night in, select from a saucy game of stick a dick on the hunk or even pin the hose or the fireman. Maybe the girls are up for a lush night out on the lash - then check out our whistles, bunny boppers, sashes and cowgirl hats.

Stag Night

The stag's final night of freedom should be celebrated in the only way men know how - beer, booze and raucous behaviour! Stitch your stag up with an inflatable sheep or incorporate our dare cards into drinking games for the ultimate boys night out. Take the ultimate in liberties with an official boob inspector badge, or let all the women know where the young bucks are, with a pair of comedy stag antlers.

Gifts and Novelties

Sex has never been so much fun with our choice of sexy games, toys and treats! For a night in with the girls, we've got games of chocolate willy roulette, grow your own toyboy and fun and risque board games. For couples, we've got daring and sexy foreplay games, edible body paint and dirty dice games. For office parties we have candy posing pouches and saucy sweets.. just be sure the boss doesn't see them!


Our range of fishnet and fencenet stockings and tights are sure to add some extra length to your pins and be the finishing touch to any sexy outfit. We have every type of hosiery imaginable from black and white stay-up tights to wetlook thigh highs, from lace-up knee highs to schoolgirl stockings. With our range of hosiery you'll have everyone vying for your attention.


These sexy accessories are great for burlesque shows or porn star performances. Whether you are a hobbyist or true professional our cheeky range of pasties, nipple jewels and fishnets are sure to give any performance a standing ovation.


There's something about leather that has an innate sexiness, perhaps it's the way it snugly fits to the skin and creaks across every crevasse, but leather has always had a sexy mystique. Check out our range of fetish attire and pleasure yourself and your partner in leather. If leather clothing is your fetish take a look at our devilish vamp and enchantress sets.

Body Jewellery

Adds some glimmer and shine to your sex life with some of our sparkly body jewellery kits. From nipple tassels to beaded clit clamps we've got everything to bling up your sex life.


Looking for a sexy costume for bedroom roleplay, fancy dress party or hen or stag night? Look not further! Our sexy outfits are certain to make your party go with a bang, whether you want to play the sexy schoolgirl, greek goddess, french maid, naughty nurse or army private we have costumes for all kinds of occasions.

Bras & Knickers

Enhance your cleavage with a sexy satin bra or accentuate your curves with a pair of coquette panties. We have a large range of bras and knickers specifically designed with seduction in mind.

Corsets & Basques

Getting that hourglass figure needn't mean weeks of diet and exercise. With our sexy corsets and basques you can get the figure you've always craved for in minutes. We have a range of delicate and beautiful boudoir basques and embroidered corsets in Victorian, Burlesque and Gothic styles.


Select a sexy sets for clubbing, a raunchy night in or porn star performance. These skin tight seductive numbers are fashioned from spandex that will flaunt your curves and make your cleavage heave.

Plus Size

Flaunt your womanly curves with our fabulous plus size lingerie. Our sexy plus size lingerie range has been specifically designed with curvaceous and voluptuous women in mind.

Sexy Lingerie

Nothing spells out seduction more than sexy lingerie. Drive a lover wild, or just feel fabulous on the dance floor, with our super selection of fishnets, corsets, outfits and costumes. From demure and enchanting sequined basques to hot and horny porn star body stockings, has on offer ranges for every erotic occasion.

Thongs & G-strings

If you want to leave as little as possible to the imagination try one of our outrageous C strings. These snug little beauties have a unique C shape and strong wire frame to ensure they never slip out place. Everyone will be saying "who's the dish" as you live la vida loca, in one of our scandalous thongs.

PVC, Rubber and Latex

PVC clothing looks super shiny and super sexy! Squeeze into our original Coquette PVC range to tease and tantalise. Choose from a selection of PVC halters, garters, corsets or jackets which will accentuate every voluptuous curve.

Sex Toys Heaven
Playful Sex at Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill understands the desire to enhance pleasure, whether you are playing by yourself or with somebody else. We provide a wide array of fun sex toys for men and women. They will increase your satisfaction and give you something to really go wild about.

With so many ways to feel pleasure, Jack and Jill has spent the time focusing on a variety of helpful tools that will spice up your sex life — and maybe even your relationship.

Toys for Women

There is certainly a reason so many women buy the rabbit and bunny vibrators. In fact, they could even be considered an essential toy for women who desire a more sensual bedroom experience. Jack and Jill offers a few numerous types of rabbit and bunny vibes, including those designed to bend for better penetration. This is a great choice for the woman who loves penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time.

Of course, Jack and Jill offers much more than vibrators. We also offer a wide variety of dildos and clitoral stimulators if you have a preference for one or the other. These toys are discreet, and some are even wearable. The pocket rocket, screaming o, and vibrating egg are also very popular for women.

Toys for Men

Jack and Jill’s selection of sex toys for men is just as diverse as the selection for women. Cock rings are among the most popular toys on our shelves, and they release vibration that adds a real spark to a sex or masturbation session.

Speaking of masturbation sessions, our masturbators and fleshlight are also great sexual aids for men. These toys come in a variety of shapes — anuses, vaginas and mouths. Each toy has its own grip and feel, leading to a unique experience.

Jack and Jill also offers sex dolls, Penis Pumps, and prostate stimulators

Toys for Couples

Still aching for something new to try in the bedroom? Vibrating rings, remote-controlled vibrators, we-vibe, and sex swings are also available. Our naughty books will help ignite the spark you have been looking for, bringing you and your lover closer than ever. Don’t forget to stock up on lubricant!

Each of these toys offers a new experience, one that will leave you breathless. View our selection to find out which toys will be best for you.

Turn Up the Heat with Sexy Lingerie
If you’re looking for a way to spice up the evening you’re in the right place. Lingerie comes in all styles and sizes so that any woman can feel sexy. You can set the mood for a special occasion or just turn a regular night into something special. At Jack And Jill, we’re all about heating things up in the bedroom. That includes our full line of sexy lingerie that’s yours for the taking.

Our collection offers something for everyone. You can find sexy costumes, naughty nightwear, and even fun, kinky outfits for something different. It’s not just about the ladies. Our lingerie includes selections for men. Make your special someone look sexy with ease when you shop with us!

Lingerie is great for:

Bachelorette Parties
Wedding night
Valentine’s Day
And any day you want to make special!
We also carry sexy dance wear, shoes, and stripper outfits
How to Choose the Best Sexy Lingerie

It’s all about style here. What turns you on? If you’re shopping for someone else, that’s what counts. If you are shopping for yourself, think about what your lover likes or what you’d feel sexy in. There’s plenty to choose from. You can even shop by price if you’re on a budget! It doesn’t have to be expensive to look good in the bedroom.  Everyone can find a great piece for their collection here at Jack And Jill Adult Superstore

Your Source for Everything Sexy

We update our inventory of sexy lingerie regularly, so feel free to check back. We’ve also got a full selection of toys, accessories, and other hot items to set the perfect mood every time. For a fun surprise, a special occasion, or just to add to your collection, feel free to check out the rest of our inventory while you’re here. You’re sure to find the perfect lingerie and everything else you need with ease.

Bath & Body
Massage Your Cares Away With Scented Oils and Lotions from Jack & Jill

We live in a hectic world. After spending all day with your nose to the grindstone, what could be better than a relaxing massage? How about an erotic massage that leads to passionate lovemaking? That’s the way to rid yourself of the days troubles and cares. Of course, any massage is better with the addition of scented or even flavored oils or lubes that get warn when friction is applied.

Visit the Jack and Jill site, designed for adults who love to play. Our  Bath and Body  section is chock full of scented and arousing soaps, lotions, bath salts and oils, all of which can be the perfect compliment to a night of passion.

While your lover’s touch, or you own, may seem like all you need to get you fired up and ready to bump and grind the night away, any sexual massage can be made even more erotic with the right massage oil. We offer a wide selection of erotic massage oils. You can find every imaginable flavor and scent of oil or lube, not to mention a few that are designed to get hot at just the right moment, on our Bath and Body page.

The Jack and Jill site even offers lotions designed to boost arousal in your partner or yourself. These great concoctions actually make those special areas on your body even more sensitive. Let your partner take you to the edge of ecstasy again and again with these arousal enhancing products.

An erotic massage may be just the thing you and your long time partner have been looking for to spice up things in the bedroom. Or perhaps, because of the many distractions in your life you have trouble relaxing and truly enjoying lovemaking, no matter how much you want to. In these cases all that may be needed is some free time in a quiet place and plenty of massage oils or lotions.

Everyone has the right to a fantastic sex life and Jack and Jill’s soaps, oils, lotions, lubes and bath salts may be just the thing you need to take yours to the next level.

Fun, Flirty, Fetish
Whether you’re looking to try something new or see yourself as a professional, Jack and Jill sells quality fetish products. From double-strap-on’s to sexy lingerie, we have an endless supply of kinky sex toys to rough up your wild side.

From leather bondage restraints and chastity belts to electrostimulants and erotica, Jack and Jill offers the perfect fantasy indulgence.

So have some fun on your anniversary, break out some toys on a night in or channel your inner animal with our inspirational toys. If you’re wanting to put on a sexy show for your significant other or just looking to please yourself, check out  our selection online to find your latest infatuation and channel your desires with a sexy fairy tale ending.

Sexual Lubricants for Enhanced Sensation
In an ideal situation, sexual encounters between two people would be like a well oiled machine. That is the case for some people, but for everyone else, there is lube. Lube will prevent dryness in any given area, and will help avoid any friction. If you are in need of sex lube, look no further than Jack And Jill Adult Superstore for all your lube needs.

Water Based

Water based lube is the most commonly used lube you will find on the market. Many established brands like KY and Astroglide are water based. Because it is water based, it is easier to wash off than other lubricants. Jack And Jill has many more water based varieties of different sizes. Some is warming and cooling, and some of it is flavored. When it comes to water based lubricant, there is something for everybody. Water based lube is the preferred lube for most toys.

Silicone Based

Silicone based lubricants have a different feel and consistency than water based lubricants. Silicone is also sometimes a preferred lubricant to use for anal sex. Jack And Jill has many different varieties of silicone lube, including trusted brands like Wet and ID Glide.


While lube may feel good during sex, it isn’t known for tasting good. Luckily, flavored lube is available, and Jack And Jill has a wide variety of flavors. With flavors ranging from cherry to caramel, there will be a lube that is pleasing for both your lover and your palette.


Many lubes do more than simply provide moisture to an applied area. Some are specifically designed to stimulate certain body parts. There are many lubes designed to stimulate the clitoris. Some lubes stimulate a woman’s G-spot. Others numb the anus, making it better prepared for anal sex. Beyond insertion, there are also some sensual massage gels. No matter what you are looking to stimulate, Jack And Jill has you covered.

There are many different kinds of lube on the market to choose from. They offer different tastes, feels and experiences. No matter what kind of lube you are looking to experience, Jack And Jill can provide it for you. If you are in need of lube, visit our store today. You’ll be glad you did.
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